mahlagha jaberi , mahlagha_jaberi

mahlagha jaberi

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mahlagha jaberi , mahlagha_jaberi

mahlagha jaberi

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زن 31 ساله مجرد
ليسانس ، modeling


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mahlagha jaberi ، mahlagha mahlagha jaberi



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100% Iranian, Model, Mahlagha is my real name and i speak Farsi very well.i will write about the most important things about myself = what i belive in, what makes me happy and also my dislikes, i will make it short and honest so Here we go =)

Im a young, fun loving girl who doesnt believe in love, marriage or relationships such as girlfriend/boyfriend i only believe in friendships and also achieving my goals in life and making myself happy to the fullest that is my main focus. I choose my friends i like to have a couple of good friends im not a girl who would just befriend with anyone, i used to give people alot of chances because i know only God is perfect but now i give people a certain amount of chances and if nothing improves without thinking twice they are out of my life, im not a snob but life experiences have taught me to be the way iam with "friends" i live in my own happy world. I dont like clubs, parties and all that crazy stuff i stay away from all of that. A good time to me is hanging out with a couple of very good friends who i completely trust, go out to dinner, shopping and movies thats all the party i need. As i mentioned i live in my own world. I HATE people who talk about others i stay away from people like that and i have a tendency of getting very upset when people talk nonsense about others even if its someone i dont know, its then when i say how i feel and its not a happy situation and i never talk to the person again. I believe that women make good friends but sometimes they can be a little too girly for example (i'll break my nail)lol n stuff like that and im a girl i have long nails but im not concerned about breaking them its fixable but for some women its an issue so i get along a little better with my guy friends. I like people who are respectful and honest, respect & honesty is very very important to me, also caring, nice, sweet, kind, funny and who would like to see me happy because with me HONESTLY what you give is what you get. If you'd like to know more message me and i'll try my best to reply'em back.~> Love
Mahlagha Jaberi / Aisha Dash


زن مجرد متولد 14/مهر/1366

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